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Our Red Wines

The grapes are picked by hand, at optimal maturity: neither underripe nor overripe. They are transported in small bins to the sorting table, which is directly at the foot of the plot, and are sorted in real time and with the daylight. We believe this step is primordial, and plays a big role in determining the future of the vintage. We remove the damaged bunches and those where the maturity is not optimal. We also select the most beautiful bunches that will remain as whole clusters, in order to bring finesse and complexity to the wine.

After de-stemming the other bunches, the whole berries are transported by gravity to concrete vats. Daily tastings dictate how we handle the maceration in order to extract only the best flavors and grape tannins. Our wines are all fermented with ambient yeasts.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, our wines are aged in oak barrels.

After around 15 to 18 months’ aging, we bottle the wines, paying special attention to the lunar cycles.